JD-H01 Manual And Electronic Multi-function Nursing Bed

JD-H01 Manual And Electronic Multi-function Nursing Bed

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Manual and electronic multi-function nursing bed with overall curvature and body-turn design (Luxury type)
Function Two Function-Backrest lifting, Keen Lifting
Bed Frame Steel, Or customize
Head & Foot Board ABS, Detachable, Or Customize
Caster & Locking Individual brake system, Or Customize
Back lifting 0-80°
Knee lifting +25°   -65°
Body turn 0-45°
Weight Capacity 260KGS
Overall Size 2120*960*520mm
Bed Surface Size 2000*900mm
Warranty 3 Years, Extra 1% Accessories
Optional Infusion stand, Drainage hook, Rack, dining-table


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